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  • June 3, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Search Trends and SEO

Marketers are moving quickly to adjust their SEO strategies to account for the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is vital to explore its impact on search interest trends as well as organic performance in retail. As maximum users stay home and avert public places, we comprehend that there is a shift in online behaviour.

We have seen changes in every feature of our daily life. Even on the Google SERP, we have seen large shifts in the way people search during crisis. Advertisers know all too well that COVID-19 has impacted numerous industries PPC campaign, but accepting how to adjust to these speedily changing trends can aid keep our campaigns as well as business nimble in Search Trends during this scary time.

COVID – 19 impact on SEO and Search Trends

Essential Ecommerce Stores – essential eCommerce search trends are up to during the Pandemic COVID-19. More and more peoples are searching for toilet paper near me, Hand sanitizer near me, Face masks near me, Thermometers and sanitary wipes.

Health and wellness information – Health and wellness information search trends have also gone up by 17 percent. Peoples are frequently searching for Corona Virus symptoms, home remedies, prevention methods, handwashing techniques, antibacterial essential oils, antiviral foods, as well as antiviral herbs.

News medium – News Publishers are seeing the most significant gains in search traffic with search trend up with 34 percent. People are searching for news updates about patients, the number of active cases, the number of patients discovered, the economical status of the country, and many more!

Travel Websites – Travel websites have gone down disastrously with 46 percent. Travel restrictions, lockdown have shattered the travel and hotel industry. They are going through a dark phase; however, every night has a day!

How is Organic Search Traffic varying by commerce segment?   

Overall, brands carry on seeing year-over-year organic search traffic growth. Regardless of the worldwide pandemic, Search traffic per article remains higher i.e. Plus percent year over year across business segments. However, business to customer’s brands experienced a more notable surge in page views than a business to business brands.  

These results are partly influenced by the natural traffic growth that comes from consistently publishing new content throughout the year. They also show that current events haven’t hurt annual traffic in fact, some industries have been thriving.

Monthly Publishing has declined – Driven Significantly by B2B brands

COVID-19 generally spurred scaled back publishing across all brands, with deepest Q1 decline among the business to business segment.

Business to business brands published around fifty percent fewer articles on average in February 2020 as compared to December 2019. However a ten percent increase in articles published in March could be an early sign of a return to normal cadence.

Business to customers publishing on the other hand started gradually declining in February 2020. If this trend continues further, it’s likely to recover of search traffic in Q2. If you want to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends, consider visiting the official website of Algo Page. We will constantly keep you updating about the rise and fall in search trends and how to cope with it!   

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