Here at AlgoPage, we have a strict no-refund policy. The members responsible for converting leads to buyers spend a lot of time on the understanding and analysis of the project. The payment is received only once the scope of work is understood and the buyer consents to it. We never give any money-back guarantee in our services or keep the buyer in the dark of what the buyer will receive. Any refund dispute is therefore considered fraud and will be answered as such.

We don’t bind any buyer with any kind of contract so that they can leave when they want if they are not getting any results in their campaign. However, results found or not is not completely in our control as we work on third party platforms (Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Business Listing Platforms, and so on), so disputing or raising a refund based on that will not be entertained.

Any refund request within 5 days of payment received will be charged 30% of the paid amount. The tax and other service charges will be deducted and then refunded. This amounts to 30% of the paid amount.

We will update the policies regularly as per the regulations of our Payment Gateway Partner, Banking Partner, and the Governing Body at the Operation Hub (Plot No. A-1, Govind Vihar, Bomikhal, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751010, India).

Email Us at in case you have any questions.