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  • January 10, 2020

Some Golden Rules Of Good Content Writing

What’s the best way to keep your digital marketing strategy in progress or at least ahead of the trend – undoubtedly to keep your audience informed, refreshed, and engaged with your services! In order to keep your brand on the cutting edge; you need to keep your online sites well-perused, progressed, and germane and the most excellent way to do so is to building and regularly updating practical, understandable, and relevant contents including blogs, articles, and web contents.

The fact that a well-written, error-free, and pertinent content can be the main driver of a digital marketing campaign is no more a secret to the marketers and entrepreneurs. Content -articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts – is something that illuminates the audience about your services, brand, products, and trustworthiness towards them. If you get into the finer details of digital marketing; then you also find a well-written Meta Description to lead clicks in the search result pages!

Importance of Content Writing:

The importance of Content Writing in the entire domain of digital marketing is based on a valid logic that your audience or customers mostly read the blogs, articles, and web contents that are published in your website and then communicate with you through various links. In simple terms; content is the very first source of connection between a marketer and a reader.

Moreover, the relevancy and dexterity of your articles or blogs or any other wordy contents can also ensure you a better and higher position in the search result pages of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! No matter if it is Article Writing or Blog Writing or Technical Writing; the accuracy and relevancy of the content always matter the most. Contents that have the right level of exactness including grammar, relevancy to the details, and sentence formation, often get maximum attention and clicks.

Another thing that matters most in content writing is the proper implementation of keywords. A good and engaging content always have the right density of keywords i.e. 1-3% and overruling this can cause your site over optimization penalty or declaration of spammed site title by Google. Google always suggests writers keep their keyword implementations natural so that best results can be driven.

Golden Rules Of Content Writing

  • Simple, logical, & understandable sentences
  • Engaging topics
  • No spelling & grammatical errors
  • Strong sentence formation
  • Eye-catching Title
  • Tangible & evidence-based information
  • Credible statistics
  • Strong yet generic topics
  • Good sub-titles
  • Reader-friendly sentences
  • No overstuffing of keywords
  • Entertaining, inspiring, & engaging
  • Educational, relevant, & practical
  • Unique & creative

Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Apart from Content Writing and marketing; there are also few more digital marketing strategies which can help you booming your business and below is a quick summary those popular digital marketing strategies!

  • SEO: Drives Organic web traffic from search engines
  • SMM: Build and strengthen customer relationships through social media
  • PPC: Increase web traffic through clicks
  • PR: Give more exposure to businesses
  • Affiliate Marketing: Increase sales, RIO, and leads
  • Viral Marketing: Increase short-term online exposure
  • Influencer Marketing: Enhance targeted exposure

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