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  • May 13, 2020

Adjusting your SEO methodology to mellow the effect of COVID-19 on organic traffic

SEO is a cost-effective investment during the Pandemic COVID 19! People are searching online more than they ever have searched before. Regardless of the economic climate, you want your brand to be top of mind for fellows who are searching while buying something.

So why are companies adjusting their SEO methodology now?

During economic fall, SEO is especially a smart investment for a better future of your business. Adjusting your SEO methodology to mellow the effect of COVID 19 is cost-effective as compared to any other media.

4 Tips to Build a strong SEO program to Increase Your Traffic during COVID 19

Create Content That Build Trust

From a report released by Forrester, consumers are less optimistic that people and companies will follow through on the promises they make. The new campaign does the way with the sales pitch entirely to focus on a message of comfort as well as hope. SEO campaign is designed to counter feelings of loneliness, skepticism, as well as powerlessness with competency and integrity as well as the ability to help people feel more in control of their lives.

The study also found that one week after reading a brand’s educational content, customers are forty-eight percent more likely to buy from that brand. Early stage, educational content efforts toward educational content that establishes trust!

Consumers want as well as necessitate transparency to help cope with today’s new normal. They want to trust not only the business but also the people behind the business. Customers need to be earned, not acquired right now and they only way to do that is establishing trust through content that delivers answers as well as knowledge.

Proactively manage your web presence

The keyword here is trustworthiness; again, the more trust you build with your content, the more likely users will click on your content in the SERPs.

That’s why managing your online brand presence is your essential during these items inaccurate information can confuse as well as even hurt consumers.

Few tips for managing your online reputation

  • Update your Schema – This makes sure that Google is showing accurate information about your company in this fast altering environment as well as that users only see the latest information.
  • Update your Google My Business Page – Keep customers in the know about changes to your business operation like changes to operating hours by updating your Google My business page.
  • Keep an eye on search console – web traffic, especially the traffic coming from Organic Search, is a massively imperative indicator of where demand for your products as well as services has shifted.

Audit your upcoming content and campaigns

If you have already built your pipeline of content, now is it is the time for audit upcoming contents for campaign.

You don’t want your SEO campaign to be tone-deaf to customers. You want to show empathy as well as compassion for your audience during times of crisis.

Corona acknowledged some backlash on Twitter after beginning its coming Ashore soon campaign for its new seltzer line.

During this time, SEO is more than technical SEO – it is also bought being the voice of the customer across the organization. Focus on adapting in the Short-term to give yourself an opportunity to build long-term brand equity.

If you are looking for a SEO expert, to handle your SEO campaign, during this COVID-19 breakdown, consider hiring Algo Page! 

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