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  • February 12, 2020

5 Basic Dos & Don’ts Of Website Development Every Developer Must Know

Developing professional, robust, unassailable, and engaging website is not everyone’s cup of tea! From laying a secure foundation by domain buying to creating eye-catching layouts, from choosing pages and their contents carefully to making the site easy-to-navigate for the users; you need to take care of a host of aspects and things during Website Development.

In order to simplify your task of Website Design; here I’ve prepared a quick rundown of the basic dos and don’ts principles that every web developer should bear in mind. And the best thing is that they’re all simple to understand and remember. Let’s get started!

5 Dos To Remember

Do Select A Easy-To-Remember Domain:

A domain is the first connecting part between a website and a user and thus always makes sure to buy a domain name which is related to your company title and easy to remember.

Do Keep Interface Consistent:

Website Development is all about a steady interface and thus, always be sure to keep the interface of your website consistent and steady!

Do Design Simple-To-Navigate Site:

Navigation is the foundation stone of website usability and websites that are simple-to-navigate ensures visitors easily find what they’re looking for!

Do Choose Inspiring Visuals & Layouts:

Visual appearance is the core of Website Design and thus, always makes sure to select layouts and backgrounds that inspire your visitors to explore your site to the fullest without giving their eyes much trouble.

Do Design Mobile-Friendly Website:

Always focus on designing websites that are mobile compatible. Keep the contents, texts, images, and other components compatible with mobile viewing!

5 Don’ts To Avoid

Don’t Make Your Content Loading Time Too Late:

Rapidness of content loading on a web page can make or break the number of visitors to your site and thus never make your page and content loading time too long.

Having excess internal or external links on your webpage can let your user experience down and thus, never insert internal links in your web contents that automatically open new tabs on each click.

Don’t Use Spammed Contents:

Content is the king and it can make or break your website’s reputation. Make sure your contents to be error-free, grammatically correct, and non-spammed. Avoid keyword stuffing always!

Don’t Bring Too Many Colours Into Play:

Always avoid having too many colours, designs, and layouts on your pages! It can distract the attention of your guests. Maintain a balance between the colour and layouts and keep your site elegance always.

Don’t Choose Large Images:

While going for Website Design or Software Development; never settle for basic quality or even too large images. Always use high-quality images and optimize them for your site to get you better visibility.

Final Words

When visitors interact with a website, they always expect superior user experience and your site does not make the grade; they’ll simply move to the site of your competitor. So be sure to follow these basic yet essential rules of web designing.

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