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In the continuous change in the Google algorithm, its very difficult to do the right thing to get quick and good rank in search engine like Google.

Your Website can Rank Higher Do SEO for Images and Visuals!

By Algopage
May 23, 2017, 05:47 am

Doing SEO for the images, graphics and visuals have become very important now days. When you are looking forward to reap maximum benefits for your website or business through SEO, doing it for the images and visuals can deliver great outcome. Near about 12.5 percent of the search engine result pages show the image pack related results. Well, you need to keep in mind that this is not a SEO facet that can be trifled. When you are looking for the best outcome, you should follow some SEO image tips and this can help you to achieve higher rank for your website as well.

The basics of Image SEO:

There are many folks who use to ask a common question like is it really important to do the SEO for images and visuals? If you will look to the recent past, then you can find that during that time when you used to click on an image, you were redirected to the concerned web page on which the image used to be or to the website. But now things have changed. You click on the Google search image and full page version of that image will appear on your screen.

This image may offer you a hint about the website on which that image is located. Well, for many that is enough, as they don’t just want to reach for your website. Now days, webmasters are not really going to get the related data about such images. And this makes it tough for them to determine the impressions they have received for those images. Due to this reason SEO for Image has become very important.

Services and products are sold visually:

As per the study it was found that people prefer to do image search in order to get a brief assessment about their desired products and services online. On the basis of the image search, they use to take decision about whether or not they need to trade for such service or product. Images that pop up before them help them to decide who they need to go for further. And on the basis of that decision, they use to visit the concerned website.

Images can help you to earn links:

If you are expecting that others will link back to you through those images you have added online, then you should prefer doing SEO for image search. This often helps you to appear before the right audience virtually. Once others will use your images and visuals for their presentation, website or publication, you will get the link that you are looking for.


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